iCyclone: journey into the eye of the storm

Check out iCyclone’s footage of Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) – a Category 5 typhoon – passing directly over Tacloban City.

Although conditions seem calm at first, the footage demonstrates how powerful these events can be…sobering stuff…


Anatomy of a monsoon

Monsoon season is upon nearly us in the Northern Hemisphere, triggering heavy rainfall events in regions subject to a monsoon climate, including parts of Asia and India. For a neat explanation of how the Indian monsoon works and why the rainy season is so intense, click here

Track A Tree website now live

Ever fancied getting involved in environmental research?

‘Track A Tree’ is looking for volunteers to become Citizen Ecologists, helping to capture changes in woodland trees and flowering plants during the Spring.

The project has been developed by researchers at the University of Edinburgh, supported by the Natural Environment Research Council and The Woodland Trust.

You’re free to choose which tree(s) to track – maybe there’s one in your garden or in a nearby park that would be ideal.

If you are based in the UK and fancy getting involved, click here for more details.